When does it stop being a party and start becoming a problem? Is there a way to steer clear of addiction?

Every Wednesday, Mike McGowan explores substance use disorders with expert guests.

Be Your Best Advocate

July 26, 2023 31 minutes


Mike McGowan


Michelle Correia-Templin

Author of "Selling It Right, getting Result With Integrity and Five Star Teamwork" and President of Get Smart Training


Most people spend most of their time at work, and what happens at work is often a leading cause of their stress and anxiety. Michelle Correia-Templin talks about the importance of asking for what you need and forming healthy relationships in the workplace. Michelle is the author of Selling It Right! Getting Result with Integrity and Five Star Teamwork. Michelle is also the President of Get Smart Training, a California-based learning organization with focus on Sales Messaging, Emotional Intelligence, and Change. She is an international speaker and trainer. When over a third of the workforce has reported their mental health has worsened in the past several years, it makes sense that employers and employees address the issue. Michelle Correia-Templin can be reached at [email protected]. Help for your mental health is available. Nationally, you can start your search at https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/find-help.


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