When does it stop being a party and start becoming a problem? Is there a way to steer clear of addiction?

Every Wednesday, Mike McGowan explores substance use disorders with expert guests.

Blank Canvas

October 6, 2021 25 minutes


Mike McGowan


Kelly Petrusky


Kelly Petrusky talks about celebrating each day as the person she has become in recovery. Moving from abusing substances and not knowing who she was to becoming the person she always knew was inside her meant letting go of shame and self judgement. Learning to tell the truth, noticing the beauty in her world, and forming healthy relationships took time and a commitment to her recovery. Recovery from substance use disorders is possible. If you are concerned about your use, you can do what Kelly did: reach out for help. It can start with a phone call: 262-564-6611. You can also find AA meetings here: https://mtg.area75.org/meetings.html?dist=7 and NA meetings here: https://namilwaukee.org/meetings/


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