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Pregnancy Justice

March 15, 2023 25 minutes


Mike McGowan


Dana Sussman

Acting Executive Director for Pregnancy Justice


Many people believe that pregnant people who use any amount of a criminalized drug will inevitably harm or even kill their fetuses. But media hype is not the same as science, and popular news reports have misrepresented the facts about prenatal exposure to drugs. Dana Sussman discusses the role of Pregnancy Justice’s work to educate the public about the science of pregnancy and drug usage and to defend the rights of pregnant people, especially those who are most at risk of state control and criminalization: those who are low-income, of color, and drug-using. Dana is the Acting Executive Director for Pregnancy Justice, an organization formed to ensure that no one loses rights because of pregnancy. Pregnancy Justice can be reached at https://www.pregnancyjusticeus.org.


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