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Restorative Justice – Working for Peace

March 13, 2024 24 minutes


Mike McGowan


Jill Sternberg

Restorative Justice Coordinator in a New York City high school


We all want peace in our world. We hope for it. We wish for it. And some of us work for it every day. Jill Sternberg has been working on peace and justice issues, primarily focusing on nonviolent conflict transformation, for more 35 years. She has supported nonviolent movements in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Currently, Jill is a restorative justice coordinator in a New York City high school. She is on the Board of The Restorative Justice Initiative. She came to restorative justice with a deep commitment to ending racism, a major cause of the violence permeating US society and culture. The work of the Initiative and Jill’s contact information can be found at Restorative Justice Initiative.


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