When does it stop being a party and start becoming a problem? Is there a way to steer clear of addiction?

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The Mommy Wine Culture

December 6, 2023 29 minutes


Mike McGowan


Celeste Yvonne

Writer and Certified Sober Coach


Mommy Wine Culture is the pervasive message that alcohol helps women survive motherhood. That message couldn’t be more flawed and destructive. Celeste Yvonne pulls back the veil on what’s really plaguing mothers and discusses her new book, It’s Not about the Wine. Celeste Yvonne is a writer and certified sober coach with over twenty years of experience as a communications professional in corporate America. Her essays on parenting, the mental load of motherhood, mommy wine culture, and sobriety resonate with mothers everywhere and have been featured in the Washington Post and on Good Morning America, Today Show, and Refinery 29, among others. She is also a contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal’s and Publishers Weekly bestseller, So God Made a Mother. As Celeste says in her book, “Alcohol is not the answer; it actually keeps us from being present during this precious time of motherhood.” Celeste’s book and her other works can be accessed at https://www.celesteyvonne.com


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