When does it stop being a party and start becoming a problem? Is there a way to steer clear of addiction?

Every Wednesday, Mike McGowan explores substance use disorders with expert guests.

Pain is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional

March 1, 2023 29 minutes


Mike McGowan


Dr. Laura Petracek

Author of "The Anger Workbook for Women" and "The DBT Workbook for Alcohol and Drug Addiction"


Sometimes, when we are feeling down, we mask our pain behind a smile — or a drug. Dr. Laura Petracek entered her teen years just as her family moved to a new state. She felt distant from everyone she lived with and knew, and she felt invisible. Like many people, she masked her pain. She recounts her journey and discoveries that led her to combine the philosophies and teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Petracek is the author of The Anger Workbook for Women and The DBT Workbook for Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Her contact information and work, including her books, can be found at https://www.laurapetracekphd.com


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